Chasing the Sun

Nature Runs on Sunlight 6/8:

«Chasing the sun»

One hour of sunlight hitting earth equals all the energy that every person on the planet consumes in a hole year.

Still, even though there is no shortage of solar energy it is notoriously hard to collect and the range of technologies that try still struggle to utilize the great potential of sunshine. 

Low efficiency and a production that creates emissions, has high water usage and leaves toxic waste behind makes the environmental and carbon footprint of today’s sun harvesters not that small after all.

So, with thousands of times the amount of energy needed to fule human activities hitting the surface of the planet every day; wouldn’t it be nice to find a better way to capture the sun?

The work is a 50×70 cm watercolor and ink painting produced in 2017. High quality gicleé prints can be purchased in my Etsy shop