In wilderness we find our preservation

Nature runs on sunlight 8/8:

«In wilderness we find our preservation»

Nature runs on sunlight.
Nature uses only the energy it needs.
Nature fits form to function.
Nature recycles everything.
Nature rewards cooperation.
Nature banks on diversity.
Nature demands local expertise.
Nature curbs excesses from within.
Nature taps the power of limits.

With these nine principles in mind we might acknowledge that our inventions are often bleak copies of what has already appeared in nature and that many of the challenges we are struggling to overcome has long been solved by ants, fish, algae, leaf’s, birds and other living organisms.

Biomimicry is not a utopian dream. Airplanes, velcro, wind turbines, bullet trains, swimsuits; these are just a few examples of products that came to be by mimicking nature.

So why not continue doing it nature’s way? The chances are that we can up our game and design smarter, more efficient, more elegant and less harmful products and services. Better for us, better for the planet. 

It’s a win-win game.

The work is a 73×45 cm watercolor and ink painting produced in 2017. High quality gicleé prints can be purchased in my Etsy shop