Nature Runs on Sunlight 1/8:


Some background info (bear with me):

The following series of paintings has taken me several years to finish. I blame my job, my kids and many failed attempts to stay in shape, but mostly I blame my own procrastination and a good dose of laziness.

The art process started in 2016 when I read the book «Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature» written by Janine Benyus.

The book highlights the obvious; that nature sits on 3.8 billion years of iterative development, testing, and refinement. This is biological insight that can teach us humans valuable lessons of what works, what’s appropriate and what lasts.

It struck me; why aren’t all designers, scientist, engineers and other creators looking at nature for inspiration and imitation when attempting to tackle the worlds numerous challenges?

In these disorienting and somewhat dystopian times, where resignation frequently creeps up on us, I started illustrating some of the ingenious beauty that is surrounding our lives in an attempt to spread what I see as a positive message of hope, aspiration and solutions.

This painting is the first in the series «Nature runs on sunlight». The first of nine basic principles of biomimicry introduced by Benyus in 1997.

The work is a 70×50 cm watercolor painting produced in 2017. High quality gicleé prints can be purchased in my Etsy shop